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Maestre Family Food
Maestre Family Food
Miguel Maestre

Once upon a time I was in love with the rush of service at the restaurant, the fire,  the seafood, the dockets piling up, the tension of that slim and short timeframe from the moment the customer orders there paella till to the minute we need to have them on the customers table…. The search of the perfect crust on the rice, the perfect seasoning of the stock, the perfect al dente rice, the right caramelisation of the chicken and the moist seafood without overcooking. That was my mojo, that was my love for cooking Spanish food.

The older I get the more mature my cooking personality has become, it isn’t so much about where I was heading it was more about where everything began. It wasn’t being busy at the restaurant cooking 500 paellas a day it was more about the one paella my mama Flora cooked for us when we were little.

My need for sharing was unstoppable … I wanted everyone to have the same feeling ….I wanted people to have that memory of family cooking …the restaurant wasn’t the right place to create this memory it was THE HOME. I was wrong all this time ….i asked myself how am i going to tell the world making 500 paellas a day in the restaurant. I needed my message to be louder reaching more people – the answer was the shelves of the supermarkets where every Australian shops every day and that’s where Maestre Family Food was born.

My Paella a la Maestre was the answer to create this memory.

It has been all my life a dream to make Spanish culture and gastronomy my life… and the only way to do it is to teach it to everyone.

I surrounded myself with the people I loved the most to achieve this project. My family and friends are the ones that  know me the best so they play a very important role in my company as they keep me focused with reality at all times and they give me ongoing support as they are were very proud of me and that makes me stronger.

We started with very humble beginnings putting everything in for something that we were passionate about and that we loved and believed in and today the fruits of our efforts are so beautiful. Every potato I peeled, every prawn I cleaned,  every long 18hr day in the kitchen all this sacrifice has been worth it for where we are today. Living the dream of bringing Spain Maestre style to Australian homes.

One slice of Jamon at a time, one piece of Manchego at a time, one splash of Sherry Vinegar at a time …..

I am a happy man the reward is immense and I cant wait for you to try all our delicious products. The one secret is

“Love is the best ingredient in life “ and Maestre Family Food brings it to Australia with our proud “MADE IN SPAIN”.