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Jamón Serrano – Serrano Ham

Jamón is the real flavour of Spain – The KING of the hams. A delicious, dry-cured Spanish ham.

A very versatile ingredient that you can used for sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizzas, charcuterie boards, gourmet cheese plates and snacks for the kids.

It’s a perfect ingredient – when it’s baked it gets crispy, when fried it adds delicious saltiness to the most simple chicken breast. It’s perfect to wrap around vegetables like asparagus and baby carrots.

Once you try Jamón you will never stop! Its special touch is addictive. One of the strongest ingredients in the Spanish cuisine.

Your ham and cheese toasties will never be the same if you use Miguel’s jamón and manchego cheese. Ole!



Pork, Salt, Dextrose, Antioxident (301), Preservative (252)