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Paella a la Maestre – Seafood Paella

The quick and easy way to make an authentic paella at home with Miguel’s signature family recipe.

It includes all the original and authentic ingredients you will need, hand-selected by Miguel including Spanish Bomba Rice, Paprika and Sofrito.

Simply add some delicious Australia seafood to what’s in the kit for an authentic freshly cooked paella in just 18 minutes.

Enjoy spanish cuisine in your own home once a week. Ole!



Prepared Broth: Water 87%, natural fish broth 11%, (water 62%, monkfish 21%, mantis shrimp 5%, shrimp 5%, onion 5%, olive and sunflower oil 2%, garlic), salt 1%, fish and seafood dehydrated broth [salt, maltodextrin, extract of fish and seafood, aroma, spices tomato, guar flour E-412, xanthan E-415, colouring: B-carotene. This product contains fish, crustaceans, sulphites. This product may contain traces of: Gluten, mollusk, milk and dairy products.