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Queso Semicurado – Semi Cured Cheese

$5.00 inc. GST

Semi-cured cheese is a mix of pasturised cows, sheep and goats milk. As we say in Spain it’s the best of the farm – altogether in one.

Its cured for a period of 2 months. The rind is uneatable.

Its white/ivory in colour, has a very soft aroma, a creamy feeling in the pallet with a fresh milk after taste. Its texture is not too hard or not too soft its just perfect.

My favourite cheese for children as its great grated over there dinners and great for cheese plates. An everyday cheese that will be a great replacement for grated cheddar.



Pasteurised milk (cow’s milk min 50%), sheep’s milk 5%, goats milk 5%, salt, stabiliser: (Calcium chloride, Preservative (lysozyme from egg), rennet, milk enzymes.